Retiree Benefits

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Retirement Procedures: 

Employees considering retirement should:

Obtain a "Benefit Information Request" form (ET-7301) from the Human Resources Department or by contacting the Department of Employee Trust Funds 1-877-533-5020.

Submit the request for retirement estimates 6 to 12 months before your anticipated retirement date. The Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) will provide estimates one year in advance.

Submit the actual retirement application to WRS no earlier than 90 days before your actual retirement date.

Contact the Social Security Administration (SSA) about starting your benefit, normally about three months before you reach age 62, or prior to retirement date if already 62 or older. 

Current Racine County employees providing acceptable proof of retirement under the Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS), such as the "Notice to Retirement Applicant" may be eligible for the following benefits: 

Health Insurance :

Non-exempt/exempt participants should check the Human Resources Policy Manual or labor contract(DSH & Com) information regarding: 

1. The continuation of health coverage upon retirement; 

2. Spousal/dependent survivor eligibility for continuation of health coverage upon the death of a retiree. 

An eligible participant must have been enrolled in the County's health insurance, at the time of retirement, in order to participate in the county's group health insurance program that includes vision insurance and a prescription drug plan. Coverage is limited to those dependents who were participants at the time of requirement; with the exception of dependents 19-26 years of age as required by Healthcare Reform; 

Retired participants must pay the applicable monthly premium percentage based on years of service to the Racine County Human Resources Department by the first of the month in which the coverage is effective, a minimum of quarterly payments are required. Coverage will lapse upon failure to make payments when due. Once coverage has been terminated reinstatement is not permitted. 

Retired participants are also required to purchase Medicare Parts A and B plans for themselves and/or their spouse when the retiree and/or spouse reaches age sixty-five (65), or earlier should they become Medicare eligible. 

Dental Insurance: 

Eligible participants may continue dental insurance coverage under the conditions of the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA). Participants should check applicable contracts (DSH & COM) or the Human Resources Policy Manual for length of continuation. 

Refer to the specific plan document for information on a retiree's/dependent's rights under COBRA including notification, election periods, payment of premiums, and termination of group coverage. 

Participants are responsible for the full cost of the single or family monthly premium due and payable on the first day of each month; a minimum of quarterly payments are required. Coverage will lapse upon failure to make payments when due. Once coverage has been terminated reinstatement is not permitted. 


Life Insurance: 

Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Optional Life Insurance and Dependent Life Insurance coverage end upon retirement. Deputy Sheriffs and Command staff should refer to the current bargaining unit agreement regarding retiree life insurance coverage. 

You have the option to continue your current coverage through a conversion policy. For additional information, contact Madison National Life Insurance 1-800-356-9601. To update/change your beneficiary information, click here


Certificates of Insurance: