Maintain, Don't Gain This Holiday Season

The only thing that should be "stuffed" this holiday season is the turkey. The average American gains between 8 and 5 pounds each holiday season. While it might not sound like much, most people never manage to lose those extra pounds. You are invited to join the 8 week "Maintain No Gain" Holiday Wellness Program. Rather than focusing on trying to lost weight, this FREE eight-week challenge provides you with the strategies and resources to help you maintain your weight throughout the holiday season.  

Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less

This eight-week wellness challenge is designed to encourage healthy eating choices, physical activity, and stress management. Make a commitment today to yourself and your health to maintain your current weight throughout the holiday season.

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Program Goals:

  • Maintain your weight within two pounds throughout the holiday season;
  • Increase your knowledge of healthy eating habits; and
  • Engage in physical activity during the holiday season

Program Includes:

  • Weekly Wellness Email
  • Exercise ideas/tips
  • Healthy Recipes
  • A Wellness Webinar (online)

Program Instructions:

Complete your first weigh-in to record your starting weight on your weekly personal scorecard. (scorecard is optional)

Weigh-in and record your weight on your weekly scorecard (scorecard is optional)

Clinic weigh-in dates and time below. Note if you participated in the fall fresh start challenge, you can use your final weight as your initial weigh-in for this program.

Clinic Weigh-In Dates & Times:

  • Monday, Nov. 19- 7:30am-9:30, 11am-1pm, 3pm-4:30pm
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20- 7:30am-9:30, 11am-1pm, 3pm-4:30pm
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21- 7:30am-9:30, 11am-1pm, 3pm-4:30pm

Incentive Prizes Raffle Gift Card Drawing!

  • $25 gift card drawing (one winner) - Anyone who registered for the challenge
  • $50 gift card drawing (one winner) - Anyone who maintained weight within 2 lbs. at the end of the program (those that participated in the weigh-in)