Judicial Rotation

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The work of the court is done in five separate divisions: felony, misdemeanor/traffic, civil (including small claims), and family (including probate), and juvenile court. Judges rotate from one division to another every two years on the even numbered year.

The next rotation is schedule to be effective August 1, 2018.

Below is a list of the scheduled rotation: (see 2018 Racine Judge Rotation)

Hon. Wynne Laufenberg, Branch 1, to move to Felony Court, Law Enforcement Center Lower Level to replace Hon. Faye Flancher.

Hon. Eugene Gasiorkiewicz, Branch 2, to remain in Civil Court, Courthouse 7th Floor.

Hon. Emily Mueller, Branch 3, to remain in Felony Court, Law Enforcement Center, Main Level.

Hon. Mark Nielsen, Branch 4, to remain in Felony Court, Law Enforcement Center, Lower Level.

Hon. Michael Piontek, Branch 5, to move to Civil Court, Courthouse 4th Floor to replace Hon. David Paulson.

Hon. David Paulson, Branch 6, to move to Juvenile Court, Law Enforcement Center Main Level to replace Hon. Wynne Laufenberg.

Hon. Charles Constantine, Branch 7, to move to Family Court, Courthouse 3rd Floor to replace Hon. Robert Repischak.

Hon. Faye Flancher, Branch 8, to move to Family/Probate Court, Courthouse 6th Floor to replace Hon. Charles Constantine.

Hon. Robert Repischak, Branch 9, to move to Traffic/Misdemeanor Court, Courthouse 2nd Floor, to replace Hon. Michael Piontek.

Hon. Timothy Boyle, Branch 10, to remain in Traffic/Misdemeanor Court, Law Enforcement Center Main Level.