County Executive Jonathan Delagrave has issued a Declaration of Emergency

in Racine County due to flash flooding throughout the county

Click Here for Disaster Recovery Services available to Racine County Flood Victims


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 Name  Title  Phone
 Alexandra C. Tillmann  Finance Director  (262) 636-3455
 Kris Tapp

 Budget Analyst

 (262) 636-3119
 Tricia S. Randelzhofer
 Audit and Accounting Manager  (262) 636-3898
 Gwen Zimmer  Finance Analyst  (262) 636-3255
 Mary Garcia  Payroll Manager  (262) 636-3827
 Duane McKinney  Purchasing Coordinator  (262) 636-3700
 Karen A. Guzman  Accountant  (262) 636-3215
 Spencer Robertson  Accountant  (262) 636-3176
 Jodi J. Leonard  Payroll Specialist  (262) 636-3737
 Kate Davidson  Payroll Technician  (262) 636-3768
 Rebekah Spain  Jr. Staff Accountant  (262) 636-3988
 Kimberly R. Keleske  Accounting Technician  (262) 636-3769
 June M. VanPinsker  Administrative Assistant  (262) 636-3129
 MaryJane Schoessow  Account Clerk II  (262) 636-3820