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                                                                                     (updated 05/11/16)

Racine County Municipalities & Poplulations (State of Wisconsin DOA 1/1/2016)
Municipality Name Population  Municipality  Name  Population 
City Burlington  10,603  Town Raymond 3,924
Town  Burlington  6,462  Village Rochester 3,726
Village Caledonia  24,918 Village Sturtevant 6,973
Town Dover  4,065  Village Union Grove 4,895 
Village  Elmwood Park  497   Village Waterford  5,372 
Village Mount Pleasant  36,374   Town Waterford  6,350 
Village  North Bay  236   Village Wind Point  1,703 
 Town Norway  7,958   Town Yorkville  3,092 
 City Racine  78,336       

Comparative State Rankings

            Geographic area       6th smallest                                                  Approximately 333 square miles

            County population     5th largest                                  (After Milwaukee, Dane, Waukesha, Brown Counties)

            Racine city population 5th largest                                     (After Milwaukee, Madison, Green Bay, Kenosha)

(Mount Pleasant 29th largest Wisconsin Municipality; Caledonia 32nd largest)


County per capita personal income (2014)                           $27,732 (15th highest county)      
        Unemployment rate (March 2016)  
 Racine County 6.1% (27th highest) 
 City of Racine 7.2% (1st highest large municipality)
 Village of Mount Pleasant 4.9% (12th highest large municipality) 
 Village of Caledonia 5.3% (8th highest large municipality)

County Budget Facts & Figures

Total 2015 county budget (from all sources)                                            $147,663,861

Total 2016 county budget (from all sources)                                            $145,191,064

2015 general countywide property tax levy                                              $48,010,526

2016 general countywide property tax levy                                              $48,010,526

2015 county property tax rate (mill rate)                                                  3.664 per $1,000 in assessed value

2016 county property tax rate (mill rate)                                                  3.607 per $1,000 in assessed value

Operating Expenses for major county departments (2016 budget)
Department   Total Budget                   Property Tax Portion 
*Human Services Dept. $43,454,445  $5,532,725 
**Public Works & Dev. Services            $22,,718,674  $6,200,621 
 Sheriffs's Office $24,123,930  $20,374,340 
           *Human Services and Behavioral health ** All Divisions of Public Works




                                                            LEGISLATIVE: Racine County Board of Supervisors
                            (21 Racine County Supervisors; all serve two-year terms; all up for election April 2018)
1st Name  Last Name  District  Area Served 
Donnie Snow  1st  City of Racine, downtown, near south, near northeast 
Kiana Harden-Johnson  2nd  City of Racine, south 
Monte Osterman  3rd  City of Racine, northeast 
Melissa Kaprelian-Becker  4th  City of Racine, near north, near northeast 
David  Cooke  5th  City of Racine, northwest 
Q.A. Shakoor, II  6th  City of Racine, West 6th Street 
Russell  Clark*  7th  City of Racine, southwest 
Brett  Nielsen  8th  City of Racine, West Racine 
Pamela  Zenner-Richards** 9th  City of Racine, south 
Janet Bernberg  10th  North Bay, Wind Point, Caledonia 
Robert  Miller  11th  Mount Pleasant 
Ronald  Molnar  12th  Mount Pleasant 
Mark  Gleason  13th  Mount Pleasant, Raymond, Norway 
Katherine  Buske  14th  Mount Pleasant, Sturtevant 
John  Wisch  15th  Caledonia 
Scott  Maier  16th  Union Grove, Yorkville 
Robert  Grove  17th  Caledonia, Raymond 
Thomas  Roanhouse 18th  Village of Waterford, Dover
Tom Hincz 19th Norway, Town of Waterford
Thomas Pringle 20th City of Burlington, Rochester
Mike Dawson 21st City & Town of Burlington

* Chairman ** Vice Chairman 


                                                                         (All serve four-year terms)
1st Name  Last Name  Office  Next Election 
Jonathan  Delagrave  Racine County Executive  April 2019 
Christopher  Schmaling  Racine County Sheriff  November 2021
Patricia Hansen Racine County District Attorney  November 2021
Samuel  Christensen  Racine County Clerk of Circuit Court  November 2018 
Wendy Christensen  Racine County Clerk  November 2021
Jane  Nikolai  Racine County Treasurer  November 2021
Tyson  Fettes  Racine County Register of Deeds  November 2021

* The District Attorney is a state employee, but is elected by the people of Racine County



                                          (Racine County Circuit Court judges*; all serve six-year terms)
1st Name  Last Name  Present assignment  Next Election 
Gerald  Ptacek  Juvenile  April 2019 
Eugene  Gasiorkiewicz  Felony  April 2022 
Emily  Mueller  Civil  April 2017 
Mark  Nielsen  Juvenile/Felony  April  2022**
Michael   Piontek  Felony  April 2018 
David  Paulson  Traffic & Misdemeanor  April 2021 
Charles  Constantine  Traffic & Misdemeanor  April 2020
Faye   Flancher  Civil  April 2021 
Allan  Torhorst  Probate/Family  April 2021 
Timothy  Boyle  Family  April 2018 

* Judges of the Circuit Court are state employees, but are elected by the people of Racine County. Racine County Circuit Court judges rotate assignments on August 1st of even-numbered years. ** Mark Nielsen elected April 2015, and will begin assignment in August.

Circuit Court 4th Largest (after Milwaukee, Dane & Waukesha Counties)